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The Game Changing Book That's Helping Ordinary People Blast Through Frustration & Anxiety To Create Happy & Financially Free Lives

I've been there my friend, 
and I know your struggle.

You're frustrated, you’re disappointed, and maybe even a little pissed off. The life you’re living is not the one you wanted. I was there too.

You're working a job you hate just to make ends meet. The bills are coming in faster than the money is. You have more failed relationships than Billy Bob Thornton. You’re not present with your kids.

And you feel like life is a never ending series of setbacks and disappointments. I was there my friend, and I know the feeling firsthand. And yep, it sucks.

But what if I told you that the shitstorm you’re going through now is a good thing? No, hear me out...

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You see, before I was living the life of my dreams, making 6 figures a year, traveling the world, and married to the love of my life...

I Was Living a Nightmare.

At 12 years old I was in front of a judge charged with a crime I didn't commit which completely altered the direction of my life. 

I was taking payday loans every couple of weeks just to pay bills. Taco Bell knew me by name because I ate there so much (my poor stomach back then).

I remember going to the gas station to put $5 in my tank, and all I had was quarters. 

But see, what I didn’t know then that I know now is that life is always happening FOR YOU – not TO you. 

So, if you've been feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, frustrated, or have financial anxiety...

Let me show you how your biggest setbacks will set you up for your greatest comeback. It’s a little-known secret that all of the greats have used.

Tom Brady & the Patriots used it in the 2017 Super Bowl coming back from a 28-3 deficit to win it all. 

Lebron James & Cavs used it in the 2016 NBA finals against the Warriors to become the NBA Champs. 
…And worked for me, which is why I’m in front of you today.


Now if you’re like me you’ve tried anything and everything to get out of the shitstorm.

You’ve read self-development books.

You’ve listened to Tony Robbin's tapes.

Or even studied the Law of Attraction.

And hey, that's cool..

But to be honest that lasted about as long as my cell phone battery. 

The truth is you have everything you need already inside of you.

You just haven’t learned how to activate it yet. Which is the key to unlocking wealth, happiness, fulfillment and badassery.

Most people look at Failure as a bad thing.

I see it as a good thing and use it as a powerful tool. Cause sometimes, that's all ya got.
Just like a radio, our minds vibrate on a certain  frequency. So the only thing preventing you from wealth, happiness and abundance is that you’re vibrating at the wrong frequency.

It’s why when a disaster happens in your life you go down the spiraling rabbit hole of negativity for days and weeks at a time. Yep, that sucks too.

And it seems like bad things continue to happen over and over again. When you’re vibrating at a low level you feel anxious, you lack opportunities, and feel like you just bought a one way ticket to Loserville.

But with a little shift in your vibration, the opportunities begin to jump in your lap like your pet chihuahua. And your past failures become the exact mechanisms by which you kick some serious ass and skyrocket to success. 

It’s how you turn your Disasters into your Dreams.

It’s how I went from stuffing bean burritos in my mouth for dinner to eating NY Steak at 5-star restaurants.

It’s how I went from meaningless relationships to marrying the woman of my dreams.

It’s how I went from being one paycheck away from being homeless, to making 6 figures.

And it’s how your life is about to completely change... 

Which is why I’m thrilled to introduce to you my new book DISASTERS TO DREAMS: a gritty guide to finding success in the face of failure.

But this book isn’t about me, this book is about you. Because if I was able to make it through—thriving—I know you can do the same.

You’re going to discover:

✅ How to make past failures & mistakes work for you

✅ How to create your own rules and live with total authenticity

✅ A sure-fire money making & business booming process

What amazon readers Are Saying

Stephen C.

"Absolutely fantastic! Very well written, truly intriguing, a must read.
This book is inspiring, helping me to see things in a different light, positive and uplifting.

An amazing story that will help you realize that there are good and positive things that can come out of failures, let downs, and disasters.

It really has given me a new perspective on life and how I live it.
Great job Chris Patrick, you knocked it out of the park!!!👌"

Erik T.

Disaster to Dreams is a powerful self-help memoir. Author Chris Patrick shares his unfiltered life story of hardships, mistakes, failures and triumphs.

He turned all these experiences into a springboard for greater understanding of himself and the foundation for a successful life.

The author reminds the reader that often life doesn't give you what you hope for, but that this can be a blessing you should welcome and learn from. An excellent motivational read. Not for people who can't handle curse words."

Joseph S.

"This gripping, sharply-written story is a harrowing, inspiring tale of failure, perseverance and mental toughness.

Along the way, the author's incremental self-discovery is found around each new corner of a life that reads more like an obstacle course than it does a typical memoir.

The author's ability to navigate those obstacles is instructive. Entertaining and insightful, it's a quick read with a good message.


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